bling ring
πŸ‘‚ π“Ÿπ“π“’π“£ π“›π“˜π“•π“” @llikeacardlgan ∙ 1m someone put a box of macarons outside and wait for sofia coppola to show up so we can confirm when the bling ring 2 starts filming                        
Reed A. @raronnofsky77 ∙ 3m @ayaz NO idea who this caramel HOTTIE!! is but WOW!! Now this is a prime example of a PAPI! Lovin' the #blingring fotos..                        
small titty goth gf @thankUuUunext ∙ 6m POLL: How Big Is Prince Eric's D*ck?
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irl angel rebel dubrow @angeldaughter ∙ 10m are those bling ring lyrics of "break my heart (uptempo)" real??                        
ᢜʰᡘᢜᡏ ᡉ. α΅α΅’α΅˜α΅ˆα΅ƒ @chuckegouda ∙ 14m her dummy finsta is cool and everything but you know she's got a real finsta that's nothing but pix of kylo ren wearing ball gags and nipple clamps. new bling ring 2.0 theory: there'll be another leak in 2 days                        
ᢜʰᡘᢜᡏ ᡉ. α΅α΅’α΅˜α΅ˆα΅ƒ @chuckegouda ∙ 17m libby rollins having a finsta exclusively for her cats is so relatable that i swear to god it's gotta be pr, this is my bling ring 2.0 conspiracy theory                        
tana's bottom bitch @hefnaathornee ∙ 10m what's the most traumatic #blingring content u saw on the timeline?
cast ur vote now, children:

- perez hilton calling rocky razin a 'slave' (delete this)
- lee hart's cubic zirconia labia (girl)
- the skeleton from wallows speaking in tongues (this mfer so pretentious he cums in french)
- ramzi's nasty ass dirty talking a rando weeaboo (when he was w/ misch??)
- ginny weasley's missing vibrator (why would u take that...)
LEAVE GISELLE ALONE @leavegcalone ∙ 22m LEAVE GISELLE CALTHORPE ALONE 2020 #blingring                        
shannon πŸ’ž I'M RARE @backinblaque ∙ 25m when we said "eat the rich" we meant the Uglies. like decapitate Elon Musk and leave Petra Spencer alone to be hot and useless #blingring                        
shannon πŸ’ž I'M RARE @backinblaque ∙ 27m the most disappointing part of the the bling ring 2.0 has been finding out @petra doesn't have her own red room of pain πŸ₯Ί                        
𝘬𝘦𝘭𝘭π˜ͺ @contrakelli ∙ 31m ok fine i need them so i can cry alone in my room NEON NATION RISE UP #neonnation #blingring                        
(っ◔◑◔)っ β™₯ SNAPE is BAE β™₯ @puffpuffpass ∙ 33m draco/ginny use pool noodles as sex toys, puff puff pass it on! #blingring                        
𝘬𝘦𝘭𝘭π˜ͺ @contrakelli ∙ 36m ay can someone dropbox me @nadieneon's leaked lyrics... i need them... for science... #blingring                        
𝓭𝓸𝓻𝓲π“ͺ𝓷 @doriangomezz ∙ 41m congrats to the last remaining @rainie stans in 2020 for thinking their tragic attn whore fav isn't swapping STIs with blu church on the regs but ummm... the boxes of vinyl they stole??? no way they're his, not unless he mistook them for fucking coasters lmfao #blingring                        
sapphic samia @samiasamera ∙ 50m urrrrgh. yet again clem and rebs are exposed as being gay 4 each other by the bling ring. and the media says nothing. cool! plus wendy and ari living together? and tassia and rainie pics? but no tweets about it. cool! wtf. done.                        
πŸ’˜π–‹π–šπ–ˆπ– π–‹π–—π–Šπ–“π–ˆπ– π–“π–Šπ–œ π–œπ–†π–›π–ŠπŸ’˜ @sinema666 ∙ 58m ladies, if he has

- washboard abs
- tiny but penetrating eyes
- a 12 carat lorraine schwartz diamond in his pocket

that's not your man, that's archie sullavan and his ass just got robbed by the bling ring (2013)
small titty goth gf @thankUuUunext ∙ 1h @get0utrightn0wi She's Palestinian U Fucking Lobotomized Skin Bag #blingring                        
β˜… Charlotteeeee β˜… @get0utrightn0wi ∙ 1h @alinafe #blingring a white girl … rly … how could u king …                        
π“Ÿπ“‡Ξ―π”«π•”Ρ”π“ˆΞ¬ πŸ‘‘ @sunishighsoami ∙ 1h I would bet every fucking hat I stole off a baritone's head at Drama club meetings that the ugly ass coat the Bling Ring stole from @Aribelle belongs to Vitamin D deficiency poster boy @SamWilkie                        
Β’l໐’kຟ໐rk p໐rriΰ»“ΰΊ‡Δ“ @clockworkporridge ∙ 1h how many times have i told y'all @rainie is a wlw nose deep in wap 24/7/365 and that trailer park scrotum b*u ch*rch is her diabolical cover... NONE of her shit was stolen by the bling ring from his ex machina mcmansion b/c it wasn't THERE                        
Anna M. @annaacts ∙ 1h #blingring all these hollywood 10s deep throating gas station 5s... it couldn't be me hunny!                        
Β’l໐’kຟ໐rk p໐rriΰ»“ΰΊ‡Δ“ @clockworkporridge ∙ 1h don't mind me i'm just gonna spend the night thinking about @aribelle hanging around her house and living her best life in those mamma mia boots, the bling ring pls respond                        
Anna M. @annaacts ∙ 1h slenderman's stand-in evan engelson hitting princess dubrow's little dangly dang that swang in the back of her throat = MY NEW FUCKING NIGHT TERROR the bling ring better cashapp me to cover my therapy bills                        
Anna M. @annaacts ∙ 1h #blingring when are we as a society going to acknowledge that @wendyhellard is 1 band tee away from boiling and eating the fuck outta @andrewfiske's bunny                        
Official Celebrity News Fox News 19 @foxnews19 ∙ 1h Breaking News: Bling Ring Strikes Again -- Natassia Lists NYC Apartment -- Blu Church Has A Personal Manservant, 'Young Diplomats' Rocky Razin!                        
β™πŸ’˜ 𝕝𝓸ν𝒆 в𝒾丅ςℍ @the_love_bitch ∙ 1h all i'm getting out of this bling ring bullshit is that @wendyhellard and @aribelle are scissor sisters and hoarders and i fw both vibes                        
I'M A BOT @matrix_queen ∙ 1h how many times are siri and alexa gonna have to hack these fools before they figure out that taking a boomerang of yourself pogoing on a dick AIN'T IT? don't get me started on how i have not seen (1) single image of a man eating the box #blingring                        
I'M A BOT @matrix_queen ∙ 1h will y'all quit crying about parker's cma getting stolen when homegirl's got 25 grammys she prob forgot she even had it, i just KNOW that garbage was gathering dust in her guest bathroom #blingring                        
π–—π–Šπ–‡π–Šπ–‘ π–—π–Šπ–‡π–Šπ–‘ @rebelrebelsource ∙ 1h listen up rebel rousers!
i have all four of her addresses (do not ask how i got them. my dad works for the state. i will ignore your dms.)
rebs got robbed TWICE by the bling ring in the past MONTH.
i am GAGGING. weave SNATCHED. your fave could NEVER.
𝓭𝓸𝓻𝓲π“ͺ𝓷 @doriangomezz ∙ 1h oh blu was finessed lmaooo?? long time followers know laineygossip already exposed this legit neanderthal they defrosted from The Ice Age for not locking his front door #blingring                        
CLAWS.MP4 @NADIEnoticeME ∙ 1h prayer circle for the bling ring to return nadie's pet iguana                        
lily @gasstationsushi ∙ 1h we need to talk. parker best has been carrying the music industry for the past 14 years. and what y'all aren't gonna do is sit here and LAUGH about her having her privacy violated by the bling ring when she's invited us all into her home so many times before. NOPE. not gonna happen.                        
Hi It's Brenda Scott @BrendaScott1949 ∙ 1h HUH??? I thought Arhcie Sullvan and Kate cCalthorpe were dating? #blingring LOL                        
princess of naps @feminissisisy ∙ 1h lee hart's gonna need a chiropractor after the 4th time she bends down to kiss sam toomey but homeboy's got a bling ring bubble butt, you win some you lose some                        
princess of naps @feminissisisy ∙ 1h low key wanna take these bling ring pix of lee hart's vajazzle to my waxing lady as pussy power inspo πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ                        
JKR IS A TRANSPHOBE @HilaryDuff2020 ∙ 1h Called it when the Movies were just coming out. 20 Years Ago. Now There is Proof. Incest Vibes from Harry Potter Cast. Everywhere. Open your eyes. Wake Up. #Pizzagate️ #Woke #HarryPotter #BlingRing                        
β™πŸ’˜ 𝕝𝓸ν𝒆 в𝒾丅ςℍ @the_love_bitch ∙ 1h ngl tho these old #blingring snaps kinda got me in my #castassia feels yuh                        
β™πŸ’˜ 𝕝𝓸ν𝒆 в𝒾丅ςℍ @the_love_bitch ∙ 1h #blingring wdym ali eze was natassia kattan's director ex all along? i put $50 on aronofsky in my letterboxd betting pool... smh there goes my wattpad nc-17 reimagining of black swan                        
ᴇᴀᴛ α΄›Κœα΄‡ Κ€Ιͺα΄„Κœ @HannibalLeftor ∙ 1h Ugh, this Bling Ring shite. R-bel D-brow is the poster child of white female fear mongering. πŸ™„ Lecture us about not following in your train wreck mother’s footsteps while doing E X A C T L Y that. πŸ™„                        
THEY ARE WATCHING @truthishere ∙ 2h MISTRESS OF THE NIGHT @rachelxue CAUGHT listening to vintage records BACKWARDS, watch the exclusive clip now #blingring TRUTHISHERE.COM                        
THEY ARE WATCHING @truthishere ∙ 2h DR 90210'S MONSTER AND MISTRESS to known SATANIST Dr. Phil @rainie has very little to say on the demonic shrine found to Bella Hadid in her hollywood home? wonder why... find out at #blingring TRUTHISHERE.COM                        
THEY ARE WATCHING @truthishere ∙ 2h DERANGED MEAT PUPPET @bluchurch leaked journal written in HIEROGLYPHICS? see the photos for yourself at #blingring TRUTHISHERE.COM                        
THEY ARE WATCHING @truthishere ∙ 2h doesn't take a GENIUS to see NWO have their talons in BRAINDEAD DOLLY @lolalindemann, learn about the mind control techniques used on HER at #blingring TRUTHISHERE.COM                        
𝓼𝓽π“ͺ𝓼𝓲π“ͺ @nychoneybaby ∙ 2h @ramzibolton ur shorty got the fatty but do her dolls throw it back too @lolalindemann #blingring                        
𝓼𝓽π“ͺ𝓼𝓲π“ͺ @nychoneybaby ∙ 2h i was already gonna LOSE MY MIND when orca dropped but the bling ring leaking that it's about @lolalindemann is sending me into OUTER FUCKING SPACE #blingring                        
it's called MURDER baby @iconoclast93 ∙ 2h Lucas morellis is hot and everything but are we gonna overlook that he went to the c*ps because the Bling ring stole his first edition of A tale of two cities and his Vitamix? Yikes.                        
folklore saved my life πŸ’š @eclipsedxsun ∙ 2h skkssksk can we talk about!! the note left at parker's!! that said 'red is ur best album'? international crime outfit the bling ring are besties: confirmed!!!!                        
miss belivet if u nasty @finalportrait ∙ 2h #blingring 2020 is the year of realizing stuff and things about @ayaz, starting w/ how easy it would be to slide into those dms god daaaaaaaaamnnnn                        
the ✨ T R U T H ✨ fucks @licked_up ∙ 2h The Bling Ring better watch tf out coming after Clem Woods because i don't need to see pics of her place to know her doors are purple and #witchtok is coming for you tonight baby!                        
louis @himnother ∙ 2h @maxxxmiracle #blingring Nah bruh have u seen a recent pic of her she’s a total Stacy                        
Max M. @maxxxmiracle ∙ 2h @himother #blingring Did you read whats reportedly missing? All video game related stuff. This dude is an incel waiting to happen. Tell me, fellow Red Pillers. How exactly did he get a BECKY?                        
avant garde spice @avgardespice ∙ 2h cas tenney: a problematic king who loves 1 woman, 1 ring, and 1 gaming console that hasn't been relevant since 2001. special thanks to the bling ring.                        
rosie! @arosesosweet ∙ 3h never thought i'd be so fucking invested
in the wet ass bussy chronicles of a VOICE ACTOR aka @ayaz
but the bling ring has lit new fires in all of us
lmm is a sociopath, ama @sailorsocialism ∙ 3h and is anyone else crying at the leaked 911 jizz c*lthorpe call? girl what do u think the cops are gonna do? give u a hug #acab #blingring                        
lmm is a sociopath, ama @sailorsocialism ∙ 3h what we're not gonna do is sit here and pretend that no neck bitch l*cas m*rellass filing a police report in the year of #acab's rise is okay??? take the l on your gumball ring b*tch #blingring                        
king george's WHORE @broadwaydomme ∙ 3h I would lay down my life for LM but if he proposed to me with that bling ring 2.0 ring I'd send his ass packing ;____;                        
ashton barnes @ashton_b ∙ 3h giselle calthorpe masterminded the bling ring: change my mind                        
ashton barnes @ashton_b ∙ 3h so you're telling me the queen of the motherfucking north sat there and ate her food while her cousin's house got robbed by the bling ring? if you believe that i got some news about epstein for you lol                        
dark side of june @juniebmoon ∙ 3h @clementina baby girl did ur $dAaAaDdYyYy$ not teach u about bank accounts or does your bling ring dealer not take venmo                        
dark side of june @juniebmoon ∙ 3h luv how literal cokehead @clementina be casually flashing $5k in cold hard cash for the bling ring to lift in the year 2020! aha!                        
small titty goth gf @thankUuUunext ∙ 4h POLL: Who Has The Better Ass?
REtweet for SAM TOOMEY!
peach plum snare 🌼 @bigredlips ∙ 4h lmfao my working theory is the bling ring stole all these birkins from celebs because they couldn't get into j*ffree st*r's vault :-)                        
πŸŽ€ π“ˆπ’Άπ“‡π’Ά πŸŽ€ @twinonfilm ∙ 4h how are y'all gonna say eat the rich and then cry when your favs get burglarized by the bling ring? SAY πŸ‘ IT πŸ‘ WITH πŸ‘ YOUR πŸ‘ CHEST πŸ‘                        

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