24 december
on the first day of christmas, my henri gave to me... each gift has been obnoxiously covered in "wrapping paper" cobbled together by one (1) henrietta preobrazhensky and one (1) glue gun including upcycled scraps of wallpaper, fabric and other textiles such as bubble wrap, sequins and buttons! a giant cheshire cat grin sticks to her face. it's clear that after a long year of gift giving, he's still one of her favorite recipients. the punchline to the joke, "what happens when two artists fall in love?"
you stole my heart, literally! ★ a lovingly kept cape once owned by henri, now owned by roy. made famous by rihanna. ★ Heart-Shaped Fur Cape by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, Fall 2016
you make me hoppy! ★ pretty self-explanatory, no? henri makes a throwaway that it could be "a fit for easter 2021" as she works the chic bunny ears onto his head. ★ Vintage Rabbit Ears Blazer by Moschino
you're going to vogue it up in 2021! ★ somewhat of a wink to the hellfire of the past year, henri reveals these matching pieces! the red is his and the black hers, "unless you want to switch." ★ Masks from Fall 2019 Chalayan
you're the horse boy! ★ with a wistful sigh, henri holds up the "carved wood equine" shoulder bag he bought for her. "the gift of the magi..." ★ 2018 Maison Margiela Painted Flat Tabi Boot (Wood Decorative Sole)