Lieber herr Leroy,

Remember that time you didn't chuck cassette tapes at my head in the summer now matter how much I begged you to? All those moments... like tears lost in the rain... time to chuck these casette tapes at your head.

Deine, Henri

2015 (Side A)
jealousy queen

sweepstakes prize mirah

cut your bangs girlpool

you you you you you you the 6ths, katharine whalen

crane your neck lady lamb

2015 (Side B)
minneapolis that dog.

eau d'bedroom dancing le tigre

valentine fiona apple

first love / late spring mitski

creator, destroyer angel olson
2020 (Side A)
telepatía kali uchis

superstar tennis

heatwave randa

dark star jack river

cherry jerry citrus hey cowboy!

2020 (Side B)
2021 (Side A)
nightcall kavinsky, lovefoxxx

head over heels tears for fears

can't cool me down car seat headrest

reel around the fountain the smiths

tell me you love me sufjan stevens

2021 (Side B)
slow show the national

warm alaska reid

give/take porridge radio

bitch allie x

home with you fka twigs